Rabaul, Kokopo, and the Gazelle Peninsula - tours from K239 (USD109)

This dramatic view of the Rabaul volcanoes, the harbor and the town from the volcanological observatory is a favorite with visitors and local residents alike.

In the 1950s, James Michener,
acclaimed US author of Tales of the South Pacific, Return to Paradise, and Hawaii, called Rabaul the most beautiful town in the South Pacific islands.

The 1994 eruptions of Tarvurvur and Vulcan (on each side of the harbor entrance) ended that.

Nearly 20 years later, Rabaul is a bedraggled tenth the size it was although its magnificent harbor remains the Islands' main port. Continuing smaller eruptions have dogged efforts to revive Rabaul town and the surrounding villages, particularly one in 2006 and most recently, 29 Aguust 2014. Kokopo, 40 kms (24 miles) away, a small colonial outpost when Michener visited, has taken over as the region's vibrant capital. A former resident visits again.

Back to the future

In fact this was how it was for much of the time the Germans held the islands prior to WWI and Queen Emma, the fabled American Samoan princess, ran a South Pacific trading empire from a great house on the Kokopo bluff.

There is so much to be seen and experienced in this tropical island as the pictures show on our tours site and this Rabaul site. The world seems different here. That's because it is different.

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We are Tolais steeped in the history and culture of this land

We at Kokopo Lodge & Tours are eager to make your stay with us a happy one. No-one is better qualified to provide you with an enjoyable and fruitful experience; we are Tolais, the people of this land. We grew up here steeped in the traditions and more recent influences that give us our enviable life style today.

It is our privilege to introduce you to our place, our history, and our way of life.

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